About us…

My name is Abigail Gray and I have spent the last 22 years working in special education. I have taught in both the maintained and independent sectors, beginning as an LSA straight out of university and then becoming a specialist teacher and a manager. I have spent the last 12 years in school leadership, 6 of which were spent as the Head of a highly successful, independent special school.

As a qualified specialist teacher and a school leader I am acutely aware of the need for joined up thinking and co-operation in delivering high quality education to children who struggle with aspects of learning. Describing the problem is only useful if it is the first stage in finding a solution.

I have met literally thousands of families since I began in 1991 and they all share the same ambitions; they want their children to be happy at school, to have the same opportunities as everyone else, to enjoy success when it comes and endure failure without losing confidence and motivation.

Achieving this is a complicated and sometimes uphill struggle for all involved, not least the child. That’s what Senworks is there for, to make education work for your child.