Training, training, training…

So training has to be the start.  Have a look at my new training page, perhaps there is a session that your school could use.  All teachers, not just SENDCOs and Inclusion Managers, need to understand something about learning difficulties and learning differences.  My sessions are designed to assist teachers and SENDCOs to cope with the diversity and demands of the current classroom.   However at the heart of a good, school based, SEND provision there has to be a developed sense of professional curiosity; an acknowledgement that our understanding of specific learning difficulties like dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia is currently growing and changing.  Every school needs to empower and enable their lead professional in this area to expand their knowledge and their contact with the current discourse.  There are many ways to do this (let’s talk tactics) but the first step is to realise that it is indeed necessary to go beyond the politics of inclusion and the administration of the system.

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