Senworks is delighted to announce a new book by Abigail Gray and Melanie Wright

The Effective Teaching Assistant

Aimed at teaching assistants who work closely with children with special educational needs, The Effective Teaching Assistant: A Practical Guide to Supporting Achievement for Pupils with SEND is a practical and accessible resource tailored precisely for teaching assistants’ specific needs which explores both the limitations and the opportunities presented by their role. Each chapter provides both training activities and teaching resources designed to assist TAs/HLTAs in reflecting on their own experience while enhancing current practice. The chapter address key topics including SEND and inclusive teaching, Multisensory teaching, Supporting differentiation or adaptive teaching. Supplemented with checklists and useful diagrams, this text is essential reading for teaching assistants, students, and practitioners. It is particularly relevant for students working in undergraduate, post graduate and professional development programmes.

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Effective Differentiation

by Abigail Gray – Routledge 2018

A training guide to empower teachers and enable learners with SEND and specific learning difficulties.

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Packed full of prompts, activities and practical ideas, this accessible and realistic guide provides teachers with a rich portfolio of strategies to ensure inclusion, and promote the learning of Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils in the mainstream classroom.

Unpacking SEN, demystifying jargon, and clarifying policy and good practice, Effective Differentiation encourages its reader to take a proactive approach to developing knowledge and skills in relation to Special Educational Needs Disability (SEND). Chapters address the challenges involved in successfully differentiating teaching to meet the diverse needs of individual children, and translate current research and policy into easy-to-understand concepts, integrating these into a framework for practical application. Taking self-evaluation as a starting point, the reader is invited to think, reflect, understand and finally – do!

The perfect aid for the busy teacher, each chapter contains checklists and photocopiable tables which readers can use to record and track their own progress.